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Custom Composite Aluminum Foil Coffee Bag-Coffee Bean Bag With Valve Side Gusset Plate

This product is made of three-layer composite material (MOPP/AL/PE). The outer layer is MOPP film, which has good frosted effect and feels high grade. The middle layer is AL, which prevents ultraviolet radiation, and the inner layer is PE, which has good sealing and good barrier performance.This product has a breathable valve with a side sealing wire strip for sealing.

Free samples are available, please contact us if required.

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Bag Description:
There are many types of coffee bags, such as: stand by bag, eight side seal, three side seal, middle seal bag (separate small packaging coffee bar) side organ bag, etc. This link shows the side organ bag; Clear printing, frosted feel comfortable, highlighting the high-end brand. With breathable valve, let the sealing effect is better。The mouth of the bag has a wire strip to seal the mouth of the bag, which is easy to reuse. The bag is made of light-resistant material and is well sealed, keeping the original flavor of the coffee while also protecting it from moisture.
The detailed material of this product:Side organ bag (MOPP/AL/PE). Aluminum foil bag plasticity is strong, can be customized according to customer requirements of different types of coffee bags, such as three side seal coffee foil bag, flat coffee foil bag, self-supporting coffee foil bag, organ coffee foil bag and so on, Contact customer service to recommend materials.

We have a professional design team, customers can customize the bag material, size and thickness according to different needs, there are a variety of styles for you to choose.

Item Food grade packaging
Material Matte/kraft paper + light film /CPP (total thickness 14c), other materials can be customized including degradable recyclable environmental materials.
Size Available in stock (other sizes can be customized)
Printing Blank no printing
Use All kinds of food
Sample Free sample
Design Professional design group accepts free custom design
Advantage Self factory, advanced equipment at home and abroad
Minimum order quantity Spot 1 piece, custom 30,000 bags

● Good sealing, shading, UV protection, good barrier performance, Able to stand, suitable for printing various patterns
● Zipper reuse
● Easy to open and keep


1. Are you a manufacturer?
A: Yes, we are a factory, with more than 30 years' experience in this field. We can save purchasing time and cost of various materials.

2. What makes your product unique?
A: Compared with our competitors: We offer higher quality products at reasonable prices; strong core and support, with team core and advanced equipment at home and abroad.

3. What is your delivery time?
A: Generally, it takes 3-5 days for samples and 20-25 days for bulk orders.

4. Do you provide samples first?
A: Yes, we can provide and custom samples.

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